Sculpture Walk XIII (2021-2022)

The Kingsport Office of Cultural Arts is excited to present the 13th Annual Sculpture Walk exhibition.

The Cultural Arts department put out a national call for artists for the show, and artists from across the country responded. “With an artist from New Jersey and an artist from Key West, Florida, we are proud that we can bring a diverse group of artists to exhibit in the show. Our department strives to not only highlight the local talent that we have in the Kingsport area, but we also like to import various artists’ work to share diverse creativity with the community of Kingsport,” says Hannah Powell, Coordinator for the Cultural Arts program.

This year OCA is bringing eight new sculptures to the downtown area of Kingsport. Two of the artists are new to the exhibition, while two of the artists have exhibited in Kingsport before. “For those who really enjoyed C.R. Gray’s ‘Popsicles’ at the Farmers Market, I’m sorry to report the sculpture has been replaced. The good news is it has been replaced by another one of the same artist’s treasures that is perfect for the Farmers Market location—‘Watermelons’.”

Jim Gallucci is also returning, this time bringing two arches, one at City Hall“Monarch Migration,” and one on the corner of East Market and Commerce—“A Flock of Blackbirds.” Powell hopes that those visiting the art galleries like Cindy Saadeh, Suzanne Justis, and Up Against the Wall will find his blackbirds arch to be a nice touch to the artistry found on Market Street.

New artist, Nathan Leslie, comes from North Carolina. Three of his sculptures can be found along the downtown strip of Broad Street—two, “Family” and “Growth,” will be at the intersection with Main Street, and his third one, “Joy” is a pop of color among the City Hall garden along Church Circle.

The other new artist is Mary Angers of New Jersey. Mary brings a sculpture called “Twisted” at Broad and Center Streets that resembles the line structure found in the Nolen Plan for the city. Her second sculpture, “Timeless,” can be found on Broad at its intersection with New Street.

Though sculptures have been delivered and installed throughout the month of October, the official opening of the exhibition is October 23rd with a reception at City Hall, 415 Broad St. Shuttle rides to view the sculptures will begin at 10 a.m. Maps will also be provided for those who prefer to walk. Charlie Brouwer, guest juror, will be visiting to share his insight into the artwork he chose for show. This exhibit will be for 1 year, and will remain until Fall 2022.

Maps are available for download (see below).  Enjoy your walk!   


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